Terms of Use

Terms of Service rex D

Welcome to rex D! Read through the following ‘Terms of Service’ with the right focus and provide your consent with each of them at the end as you use this website or hire from the widespread services available on this website.

Each time the words “you” and “your” have been used in these terms and policies, are referred to the visitor, audience, and subscribers of the website. And the words “we”, “our”, and “us” refer to the website itself.

Please read through each of these terms and the points in the privacy policy with special care and focus to ensure that you agree to our criterion before using the website, either just as a visitor or as a subscriber or a partner, etc.

In case you do not agree to any of these terms or policies, you owe the right to stop using the website. However, do let us know of the issues you’re facing with the terms and policies so that we can positively and promptly respond.


This agreement to accept the below-mentioned terms and conditions remains active until the time you’re affiliated with the website. Either as a user, a visitor, a subscriber, or a partner, etc.


This platform and the services it offers are accessible to only adult individuals i.e., above eighteen (18). In case you’re below the defined age limit, you shall discontinue the usage of this platform – be it of any kind.

Changes to Terms

All these terms and policies are subject to change at any time in the future depending on the changes observed inside organizational policies and structure. All the changes made would be effective instantly and would be applied to all those who are already accessing the website as well as those entering as new. The continued usage of our platform refers to your acceptance of the updated terms and conditions. In case you disagree with the updated terms and policies, you always owe the right to discontinue the usage, or you can send us your queries for a solution.


rex D provides sales and marketing services – inbound selling, outbound selling, lead generation marketing, search engine marketing; customer support services – technical support, multilingual support, live receptionist, appointment scheduling; and back-office support services – data management, accounting, and bookkeeping, credit risk management, HR management. Altogether, the services mentioned in the above paragraph and all others that rex D may provide at the moment or in the future via any medium such as the website, SMS, mobile apps, email, or an interface, have been referred to as “service” or “services” in the terms and policies.

All these terms and services being provided are subject to usage and do not formulate a partnership, joint venture, or any other relationship by any means.

Service Plans & Payments

rex D offers unique service plans based on a month-to-month subscription. As a subscriber to one of our service plans, you owe the right to make a change in your service plan at any point in time. However, the changes would come into effect by the latest of next month. Also, the additional charges would be applied, if any, as soon as the new service plan comes into effect.

The service plan you opt from those available would be effective from the day you make the payment (subscription date). By picking a service plan and agreeing to its terms and conditions – you agree to pay the entire fee estimated for your service plan. All the payments you make against purchasing a subscription are non-refundable.

Each monthly payment is charged at the subscription date anniversary of your service plan via the payment method provided at the time of subscription. rex D will continue to charge your monthly payment until you unsubscribe from the service plan.

rex D reserves the right to terminate your subscription instantly and stop providing you with the subscribed services at any moment in time as a consequence of defaulting your monthly payments. In case the payment isn’t made within the five business days of your subscription date, rex D would stop providing any of the services you might have been previously acquiring. However, we would redirect you a kind reminder for making the payments updated before fully canceling your subscription.

Money-Back Guarantee

rex D offers an exclusive money-back guarantee to those subscribers acquiring our services for the first time. We ensure to provide a refund of up to $1,000 for a cancellation made within the first fourteen (14) days from when the subscription was made. There are certain conditions to get this money-back guarantee effective and they include –

  • You’ve to be a first-time subscriber;
  • You must send your cancellation in writing to the support department of rex D;
  • Your request shall not exceed the first fourteen (14) days from your subscription date; and
  • The maximum limit of refund is $1,000.

Information & Confidentiality

All the information that we collect from our visitors and subscribers via cookies or consultation is subject to fool-proof confidentiality. We do not sell or provide any of your information to the third-parties. All information collected either while you visited our website via cookies, or during the consultation calls and meetings via recording, or from the documents and company history you provide – we make sure none of them are exposed to a third party or any medium that might cause harm to your information and reputation on the whole.

rex D takes special care of the information and data it collects from your clients and customers while providing them with the services you’ve acquired us for.

Your Queries and Concerns

rex D positively looks forward to all kinds of comments, feedback, queries, and concerns you might have regarding the terms of use we’ve enlisted above. You can reach out to us without a doubt and direct all your concerns to support@rex-d.com.